Essentials for the Classy Scientist: A Bold Writing Instrument / by Moaraj Hasan


The PHX Pen is BigIDesign's hugely successful kickstarter debut; smashing their fundraising goal a hundred times over in the few weeks it was available on the website. At $30, its a solid purchase for anyone looking to add an affordable yet beautifully machined pen to their daily carry.  The mark is exceptionally smooth with options limited to the renown Pilot G-Tec-C or Uniball Signo DX refills inside a medium weight stainless-steel barrel.  People are always surprised at how heavy mine is compared to a standard plastic instrument but writing long passages is remarkably easy because its very well balanced when the cap is not screwed on to the back.

Whether you're a pen addict looking to add another gem to your collection or making the first time upgrade from generic stationary, this pen sure to impress.

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